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Monday, April 14, 2008

Meet Marguerite and Pip

I've just put the finishing touches on two new mixed media flirts.

There's Marguerite - painted in gouache, ink and pencil - a sexy little blue-haired girl who's flicking her locks around in an oh-so flirty way.

And then there's Pip and Stanley (her pet octopus), a sweet little pink haired ocean-going lass. I posted a few in progress images of this piece here earlier. She's changed quite significantly.

Jeez I'm having fun with this at the moment.

I've been a little down lately because I'm seem to be standing in the shadows of a host of brilliant, successful people. A couple of friends have - very deservedly! - had their work published in Curvy and my gorgeous baby brother was one of the lead speakers at Semi-Permanent this year. While I'm incredibly excited for them all, it's also difficult not to feel a little left behind.

But a few brush strokes in and I tend to forget all that! And as my friend Dave keeps telling me - I have to stop trying to run before I can walk.

So I'm walking back to my painting desk right now!

xxx scarlett


Torann said...

these two are fab :)

Ali J said...

Awww... they are just gorgeous!!


I know exactly how you feel by being 'left behind'. I'm in the same boat as you and it is hard not to feel left out by it all. Still, life works its magic in different ways and there will be opportunities that happen to you at some stage that will make everyone elses jaws drop! You never know what will happen around the corner.

I'm sad not to be in the Curvy/Semi Permanent book but then something else has just popped up to freak me out, so I'll cross my fingers something happens with that.

Just keep creating & showing your work to everyone. Submit your work to different websites, magazines & enter exhibitions that challenge you. I also think you should create a website for yourself - that is where I'm getting my opportunities from. It gives people an easy point of reference to view your work. You'll see what I mean in a few weeks time when I can release my news! Without a website = I wouldn't have gotten these opportunities.

Keep going little lady.... I absolutely love the girl playing with her hair! Your girls are getting very seductive. You should think about trying to get into Grafuck 4. submissions close april 20th, :)

Anna Laura said...

I love the little octopus, and the sexy blue hair. Do you draw these way out ladies with the funky hair and wish you had the same colour and style as I do with my badge ladies and looking at yours I think that shade of blue would be fun!

Anyway I just wanted to add that you're someone I look up to with your art and how hard you work, and I know working full time and doing art and running a business is tough work, so well done for everything you have achieved - you should be very proud!

scarlettcat said...

Anna, I would adore to have pink or blue hair, but I just haven't had the guts yet. As soon as I go grey, I plan on dying it a sweet little old lady shade of pink! And wear it in pigtails. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

And Ali, thank you too - I can't wait to hear your news!! Sounds very exciting. I think I'm going to have to talk to you about how you got your website together at some stage. And I will enter Grafuck 4 - I was toying with the idea but other things had gotten in the way.

Thank you so much for such positive words - it's really given me the kick I needed.

xxx scarlett

Rosebud Collection said...

You did a wonderful job..I think they are great..Sometimes, our time is a bit later, than others. You will succeed, just give it time.

The Stumbly Diva said...

Your work is awesome and in time you'll be flying. I know that left behind feeling, but really...all things in time. You have such cool stuff:-) I love the octopus pet Stanley. I'm a sucker for pets with old school names!

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Such neat work.Fun to see.

Amy Short said...

Hi Scarlett!
I just started my store on etsy and saw that you marked me that you (heart) my shop. Thank you so much! I love your art! I always love the kitty big eyes. You are extremely talented. If you don't mind I am going to put you in my blog.

PS.I so know that left behind feeling but I also know that those artists probably felt the same way about you at one time or another. ;o)

Bee said...

You are certainly an up and coming artist Scarlett and I know in a years time you will be enjoying so much more success. I think that feeling of being 'left behind' is what drives us to continue to push the envelope and chase success.

I love your work.

Karen said...

This is very cute, I feel inspired.