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Friday, April 18, 2008

Curvy 5

Bill and I went to the Curvy 5 Melbourne launch last night. It was great to catch up with everyone and see the work (and buy the book....and a sketchel).

Want to see the pics?

That's me (with my new Etsy bag) . Oh the irony - curvy girl stands under curvy sign.

Bec Winnel (My Charlie Girl) who has her work in the book.

Melika Davies (from 696) with the sketchels she displayed.
I couldn't resist buying the Nadia Hunt one on the bottom.

Bill and Baz

Maggie and Bec

Artwork by Maria Vittoria Benatti. I adore her 'pupettes'. They're so adorably sexy!

And here's some highlights from the Curvy 5 book:

Bec Winnel's piece (left)

Catherine Campbell's work (My Folk Lover)

Melissa Haslam's gorgeous octopus in the laundry!

Kelly Smith's piece

Maria Vittoria Benatti's darling characters

More from Maria Vittoria Benatti

And lastly, I was amazed (although I shouldn't be surprised these days) to see my brother's name in the book. I have no idea what his involvement was, but it was enough to get him a thank you!

xxx scarlett


Diane Duda said...

Wow! The book looks amazing!!!

Honor Bowden said...

Hey, thanks for posting the pics... love the etsy bag!

Racheal said...

I want to buy a curvy 5 book! Are they for sale??

hi! said...

nice to meet you!

great pictures, I weren't at the shows, so thank you for shooting my drawings