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Saturday, September 22, 2007

From trash to treasure

I've discovered my new favourite combination - cardboard backing from old layout pads mixed with brightly coloured pencils, ink and charcoal.

This is the result.

Cherry, Tabitha (the witch, naturally!) and Nancy (the new air hostie).

I'm so happy with the way Cherry's hair turned out! And I adore Nancy's little blue scarf.

But I just love drawing on this cardboard! It has a slightly flecked texture to it and creates the most superb background. And, when used just right, the pencils (Derwents that I've had since I was little) give the most gorgeous rich tones to each piece.

I'm really excited!

Anyway, I'm flitting off to Queensland at the end of the week. And I guarantee I'll be filling my bags with a pile of cardboard and my little box of pencils!

xxx scarlett


tracychong said...

I found your blog through your thread at Etsy and wow, your drawings are beautiful!

Amy Sullivan said...

Scarlett, this is the kind of art i can't do. it is wonderful, i love it, it is so beautiful, it is beyond me. my son has a style, that is of this wonderful period of art. it is young and what is happening now. you would like his art also, as he yours. there is so much art tradition behind all your images, it is clear that you are an amazing artist. my son does most of his work on scraps a even large pieces of cardboard. he is also very keen on leaving his work in random places, like parks, and such.well i have just loved your blog and will return. and thank you for being so open with your knowledge and showing your process. and where you get things nice. you are a very nice lady!. Amy p.s. we met at etsy i"m the portrait artist hands p.s.s. i am still working on my blog, i am older, but not that old, i just haven't really had to get to know computer stuff in my life time. everything i did ,was art right in front of me. o.k. i guess i am an old.... amy