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Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Art of the Teese

OK, I'm madly in love with Dita Von Teese right now. I thought she was just a vaguely interesting pornesque star until I started reading her book, The Art of the Teese.

I'm now awestruck. She's incredible.

She is the most fabulous burlesque dancer - she spend thousands on her breathtaking costumes, dresses to the nines everyday, applies crimson lipstick at the table to tease her guests and peels of opera gloves as part of her act.

Need I go on?

Anyway, I'm completely inspired by her.

And I'm champing at the bit to start drawing some sassy girls with garter belts, corsets dripping with diamonds and pasties on their nipples. A little like Swing and Flirt, who I created after seeing Fafi paint:

Ooh la la! Naughty!

Thanks Dita!

xxx scarlett

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