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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Curvy exhibition

I'm in the process of drawing two new girls for the Curvy 6 exhibition in Sydney.

Unfortunately, work is extremely busy at the moment (and I mean arriving at 6:30am and leaving at 7:30pm kind of busy) so I've really just been snatching spare moments here and there to work on these.

But I woke up early this morning and had a good run at this one:

I'm a bit stuck on what colour the birds should be. I was almost ready to go for robin red-breast colours (brown with a red chest) when I realised that that's far, far too realistic for my liking! So I'll ponder for a bit longer.

I've also found some frames I'm really happy with.

They're much fancier than my usual ones, but I don't feel like they're overshadowing the work like some of the other heavy frames I've tried.

Anyway, better get back to it. Day's a wastin'!

xxx scarlett


Diane Duda said...

beautiful work, as always. i love her braids.

Cassandra Kiss said...

lovely : )

Audrey said...

Really cute! Amazing drawing! The bird might be cute in red?

Kaili (Billy and Button) said...

Yes Im thinking red as well! She's looking great!

Diane said...

I'm actually coming over to go to Semi-Permanent in Sydney! Can't wait to see your work in the flesh (so to speak!). I think red would be cute too!

(kate lightfoot)

The reds have it! I actually started doing the birds in red a couple of minutes after hitting 'publish' - great minds and all that ;)

xxx scarlett

Anonymous said...

That frame is perfectly gorgeous. And red sounds like the right colour. good stuff

flossy-p said...

ooo, they're going to look so good in the show!!!!