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Thursday, March 12, 2009


OK, I'll confess. I don't really understand it.

I've been twittering for a couple of months now. I started out talking about Etsy store and blog post and upcoming shows - zzzzzzzz. I think I even bored myself.

So now I'm just posting a tweet every few days about my latest lowbrow art crush!

I considered blogging this sort of thing, but it's not my aim to critique or analyse these artist's work - just to pop up some links to art people may not have seen before. I'm currently up to 'Lowbrow Fave #10' Nicoletta Ciccoli (drooool).

So if you're keen to find some new artists, you can follow me here...but I still don't understand Twitter.

Does anyone really?


xxx scarlett


Lexy. said...

No I don't. At all. I don't understand how people can sit on there all day. It just seems like a time waster!

I mean, do I care that someone's just had a cup of coffee? Some of the things that people post about are so boring. I like your idea much better. Far more interesting!!

Kelly said...

Haha, i'm SO glad there's someone else out there who doesn't get it.
I won't create an account out of principal.
I'm so puzzled as to why everyone finds it so groundbreaking? It's basically a page of facebook status updates?
Sooo weird.
I'd love you to do artist posts on your blog.
You can direct people to a certain website without delving too much into your personal opinion.

Alessandra Fusi said...

Well, I joined twitter some days ago because many people on etsy say that 90% of their sales comes from twittering...
But onestly...I don't really understand how could this happen...
I guess we'll see...Or not? :p

My Charlie Girl said...

yep its a weird one... like you log in to see what everyone is doing... maybe you can put a twitter feed on your blog that shows peoples posts... dunno... yet to learn and figure it out!! Its always fun figuring new stuff out... sometimes hahaha!!

Melissa said...

I LOVE Nicoletta!! Have you seen the works from her most recent show? Amazing.

Melissa said...

Hmmm....kinda weird that link I posted only put in half of it.
Nicoletta Show
If this doesn't work, I give up!

Softpencil said...

I just created an account in Twitter but I don´t understand it... it isn´t funny or useful for me. I agree with your comments here.

Cascade Lily said...

Nope. Guess we just wanna be cool. LOL

(kate lightfoot)

Well that settles it. Nobody understands Twitter! The funny thing is that I really enjoy reading people's Facebook status updates - and I do interact with people based on them. But Twitter just doesn't do it for me.

Thanks for the gentle push, Kel. I think I may repeat these artists on my blog too. There's so much great stuff out there - and I keep finding these new people that I get all excited about.

Off to work out who's first!

xxx scarlett

(kate lightfoot)

Oh, and Liss - thanks so much for the link - I had seen the images of her artwork from that show, but not the gorgeous frames! They're superb.

A few days ago, I contacted the gallery to get the prices of the few originals she has left. After seeing those frames it's twice as tempting!!

xxx scarlett

Anonymous said...

Ah! I came across her work a few weeks ago, when another artit mentioned her. I love her work.

..Twitter, yes, I don't get it, never will, and will never join. I feel it's a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

I don't either... but I think I might start an account!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

I am not into tweeting either and I most definitely do not get it:):) Your art is so gorgeous, I love it:)