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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My new foot fetish

I've taken the plunge and opened a new online shop on

This is the site where I had some custom shoes made for me earlier in the year - I was really impressed with the way they turned out.

You can also design shoes (and cups and aprons and mousemats) and post them for sale, so I opened a store there and have started putting my flirty, quirky girls on darling little Keds shoes.

Here's what I've designed so far:

What do you think? Wearable?

I love the little bunny peeking out from the heel on the last one. (In fact I love it so much I've ordered it for myself ;)

If you have any footwear requests, please let me know. These can easily be altered to any size between 5 to 13 and I can tweak the colours of the stitching and panels.

It really is a neat tool - well worth playing with if you have artwork of your own that you'd like to see on your feet! I only wish zazzle would team up with a high heel manufacturer - then I'd really go to town.

This weekend I'm going to check out their other custom products and see if anything would suit my girls.

xxx scarlett


jodie nicholson said...

Oh my god, those shoes are so so cute! Love them, great work!! I hope you sell a ton.

marcia furman said...

Those shoes are amazingly awesome!

Julia Finucane said...

I have a Zazzle gallery too. I obsessed over it one day and created a ton of stuff. The shoes are my favorite though.

My Charlie Girl said...

You have to stop sharing these things!!!! I end up wasting sooo much time at work looking through them hehehehe.

Seriously, this is awesome!!!

Nat said...

Oh they are fantastic! Will def be getting myself some of those.

BeckyKay said...

Oh my word!!! I love these!!

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Those are soooo cool! the bunnies are so cute!

Kelly said...

Oooooo I really want an apron!!!

Anonymous said...

want! oh yes...