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Thursday, September 18, 2008


It's amazing how much better things look when you spend a bit of time on them. (Yeah, yeah, I know - I should have figured that one out years ago.)

I usually spend ages on the face and not so much time on the details. But instead of rushing my way through this drawing, I took the time to get the flowers right. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the process - and it's make a huge difference to the piece.

OK, lesson learnt. No more skimping on the details. Cross my heart.

xxx scarlett

PS. She's still a work in process, but not too far to go now.


*~Niki~* said...

Oh she is so gorgeous! What paper are you using for her?

Sabbio said...

The use of white is really interesting ; it gives her an ethereal look.

EmieRose said...

So beautiful with all flowers and white background !!!

art4friends said...

amazing amazing amazing. probably my most FAVOURITE of yours ever!

I totally know what you mean about skimping on the detail tho, sometimes its like all you want to do is finish it, and you forget that you can take you time and put more detail in! hehehe.
but other times the less detail works too! xx

THIS IS ME said...

I heart all your work! Just wanted to pop by and tell you that I blogged about your drawings... I know a bunch of fellow artists who would also dig your style!

- Sabrina


Daniel Sanger said...

looking great:) You do very interesting work

Lexy. said...

I love this one too!