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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Grafuck 4

So today is the deadline for Grafuck 4 entries.

For those who aren't familiar with this publication, it's a selection of the wildest, weirdest and best erotic art from around the world. Previous editions have included work by several of my favourite artists...

Audrey Kawasaki

Stella Im Hultberg

Marguerite Savage

I've sent three pieces and I'm crossing my fingers that they'll accept one.

If I were smart I wouldn't blog about these things before they've happened, but let's face it folks - I'm not the sharpest pencil in the case!

So here's what I've sent them.

I really love the first one - and I think it's appropriately 'erotic' while keeping the sense of fun and play that I like to have in my work.

What do you think?

xxx scarlett


Ali J said...

Personally the second is my favourite, I love it!! :)

Gosh, you've been hard at work. I still haven't even started mine yet! eeek! I've got 5 hours to see what I can come up with.... I'm only going to do one and put everything into it. I'll just have to see if it will work or not. :)

sylvia may said...

i adore the first one.
By the way thankyou for the mention on your blog!.

custardcrazy said...

You gotta love a nice set of pasties, not to be confused with the Cornish pastry that features a handle, though they could also be rather fetching to someone like Dave.

The second piece is exquisite. It's a gorgeous evolution of your style.
xx wongie

Karen said...

Good luck with The submission, I would love to see the composition of the top one in the style of the second one, I just love it! I think it's more subtle and hence alluring. I think some of your recent works have really progressed.It keeps surprising me.

Shiny Black Shoes said...

All of them are so lovely, the first is great!

scarlettcat said...

Thank everyone (particularly wongie, for your distinction between pasties and pasties!).

It makes such a huge difference to get some feedback on work. I'm still in the process of evolving my style (although I suspect that never stops) so I'm always hoping people will shout out 'warm' 'warmer' 'COLD!' as I go!

And Sylvia, your lovely original sits on my desk at work where I can admire it all day!

xxx scarlett

MyCharlieGirl said...

hehe, they are cheecky mummas!!! i like that girl that is checking out her own boobies and having a bit of a play with them! hehe, makes me smile. i like the techniques you have used on this one. and the second one, wow, the way you have coloured is amazing. on the third, i love how they come closer and closer, very sexy! i will keep my fingers crossed for you lovely xxx

Noosed Kitty said...

i love the first one! tassels, tassels, are so fun!

Diane said...

The second one is my favourite but they are all great. Fingers crossed for you!

Karma by Morgan said...

GOOD LUCK!!!! I like what you submitted, I hope it works out :)

art4friends said...

i love love love that first one! well i love them all but i think the first one suits the book the best!

best of luck!!!!!

aramas said...

Ah Neato Work!
I like the first cos its fun, but i think the second is my fav. I like how well it is and isnt shaded and coloured. and the lines are perfect. Great work!
So good luck to the both of us heh ;)

Liss said...

i like the first one too. Its fun, hehe.
I hope you get in, fingers crossed.

Melissa said...

My fav is the second, but I think the first has a nice playfulness and fits best with the theme. I submitted something too, but mine is more sweet than erotic - oh well!

Honor Bowden said...

These all look great, but who could go past those tassels?! Good luck.

danielle said...

beautiful work :)

Kelly said...

Goodluck Kate! Wow i'm so impressed you entered this, I hope you get into it!