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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cutie in progress

I don't know her name yet, but she's certainly taken deportment lessons. I have trouble balancing books on my head.

She doesn't have a name yet, and she's not quite finished. But I love the colours here and I'm enjoying playing around with paper and thread.

I used to make greeting cards when I was younger - ribbons and stitched on bits of paper and beads. Intricate little things that took far too long to make and sold for far too little.

Old habits die hard and I do adore the look of collage elements in art these days.

Catherine Campbell does this superbly. And Kelly Smith has some wonderful pieces with collage in them, including this absolute darling that I had to buy last week!!

xxx scarlett


Happy Crafting said...

She's very pretty. I don't know why but when I look at her I see her as a Natalie.

Allison said...

Integrating things like that make me happy too! Especially buttons.

Liss said...

OH you got featured. I love that piece !!

Liss said...

oops I meant Feathered not Featured !!!