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Friday, April 11, 2008

115 Etsy artists I love

This is going to be difficult.

There are SO many fantastic artists on Etsy (no wonder I'm always broke!). I have found some incredible painters and illustrators and other artists there that I would never have come across otherwise. I love checking out everyone else's favourites, so I thought I'd put together a list of my own.

I've tried to add in newer Etsy sellers where possible, and I've left out The Black Apple and Ashley G even though I adore their work, simply because everyone knows them already!

This is by no means a definitive list. It's just a bunch of artists whose work I enjoy - and I keep finding new faves everyday, so if there's someone you know that I haven't included, please add them in a comment so I can check them out!

7seventeen Gallery

Amber Alexander

Anna Ruby King

Annejulie's Garden


Art and Ghosts

Art Quirk

A Thousand Horse

At Whim

Aussie Patches

Bees Knees Industries


Blueberry Bandit

Blue Gypsy

Cathy Cullis

C. Gregori

Charm Foundry

Chris Brindley



Crazy Monkey Girlhead

Creative Thursday

Dear Dodo

Dearly Dee

Dilka Bear

Dollface Design

Eggman Studios

Ello Gallery



Enfin la Voila



Fall Down Tree

Flossy Flotsam

Fort Awesome Studios

Gala House

Girl Savage


Hide n Seek



Isabell's Umbrella

Jackson Swift


Jessica Simanowski

JMC Designs

Joe Scarano

John W. Golden

Jon Carling


Karin Grow

Kat Charly

Kelly Smith

Kill Taupe

Kristiana Parn

Kup Kup Land

Laura George

Lily Moon

Little Robot

Lottie Frank

Loveland Miscellany

Lovesandwich Art


Lush Bella

Mae Jane Art

Marmee Craft


Matt Cipov



Michele Maule


Molly Jey

Moto Moto

Mundo Gominola

Multiple Personality


My Charlie Girl


Nathaniel Eckstrom

Nicole's Store

N is for Nate

Noosed Kitty


Ola Design

One Red Robin


Paul Moschell

Pasaii Design Studio

Pen and Paper

Phipps Art


Poor Dog Farm

Red Heather

San Fran 67

Sarah Blank

Sarah Ogren

Sepia Lupus

Shane Vorhaben


Stephanie Fizer

Suspect Shoppe

Sylvia May

Talking Paintings

Tamba Toys

Tilly Bloom

The Dreamy Giraffe

The Pairabirds

Tricia Joy


Tugboat Printshop


Unconventional Ida

Yellow Monday


Here are links to all the extra artists that other people have put forward.
There's some great talent here too, so check them out:

Matthew Porter Art

Carla Sonheim


Constant Dreamer

Broken Colours

Meghan Henley

Dana Miller

xxx scarlett


Fabianna said...

Yellow Monday! Yay! Any day of the week!

Jeannie said...

What a fun list! I have some shops in my favorites that I like, you may want to check and maybe add!

Carla Sonheim


Constant Dreamer:

Nice list!

scarlettcat said...

They're really sweet Jeannie! Thanks.

xxx scarlett

Cover That Mother said...

Thanks for including me in this list (I'm The Pairabirds)!

You have two of my top favorites up there; John W Golden and Matteart. Their retro style is so refreshing and sleek.

Christopher And Tia said...

I loved looking at this.

xx Tia

Allison said...

Oh wow, what a wonderful list - I'm going to have to come back & peruse them more thoroughly! I see a lot of interesting aesthetic work.

Shiny Black Shoes said...

wonderful list, lots of great talent on there for sure! :)

ElegantSnobbery said...

Great list! All wonderful artists!

sep said...

wonderful list :)! Many many of them are my favourite too! definitely have to agree they are great.

oh, may I add this one too:

The artist has some wonderful coffee art

Jessica Torrant said...

Great list! I discovered some new shops from looking here. I also have to give a shout out to my girl Meghan Henley at :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Awesome list! :0) Thanks for sharing!

Cicada Studio said...

Holy Moly! That's dedication. Nice list!

Honor Bowden said...

That's one heck of a list! Thanks so much for sharing (many are my faves already) and I look forward to checking the others out... my eyes are going blurry already! ;-)

Thanks for including me too (GalaHouse), you're too kind!

Liss said...

my god. that is a long list!! ill be sure to spend some time looking more closely at it.
did you make each of these images? or did some code generate it for you?

MyCharlieGirl said...

wow, we have very similar tastes! and theres a few in there i havent seen before. ill have to go have a closer look!

RAWVOLTA said...

Thank YOU for this LIST-very accurate!!! Love YOUR art totally and obsessively! ;-)

scarlettcat said...

Liss, I copied and pasted and turned each of them into a jpg. Then uploaded them individually. never again!!! xxx scarlett

Lexy said...

I'm new to etsy so this is an awesome place to start. New to blogging too actually - so I'm glad I've ended up here (still not sure how...) I love your work!

Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

dana said...

i would like to add moe to the mix:

Mixed Species said...

Great list! apak was our first purchase every on etsy. Bookmarking to check back more in depth!

Little Lovables said...

Oh, I so agree with you! I would add Emily Balivet

and Mikiep though :)

art4friends said...


was there a quick way of doing this or did you just totally make all these images and upload them becaude that is one HUGE effort!

haha but thank you, i love love love lists like this as a point of reference.

P.S. I LOVE your new stuff!!!!!

Tanya said...

wow awesome list. must have taken you forever! so many great artists i havent seen on etsy yet.

Diane Duda said...

Great choices! I love every last one of them and even found some new favorites.
Thanks. :)

I love your girls!


Crystal said...

WOW! You must have slaved over this list for hours! Dedication, or what!?

Thank you for taking the time to compile such a thorough list of some truly talented artists. Now I'm going to be chained to my computer for the next few hours drooling over all the amazing art pieces!:)

I'm honoured to be part of this fantastic collective...thank you Scarlett!


Liss said...

ah ok, I see. well its looks like a great list. just going to take me awhile to get through it!

Stephanie Fizer said...

omg as if I didnt' already spend enough money buying art on Etsy! And thanks for including my little shop, i'm flattered :)

benconservato said...

Same here Stephanie!
I have added a few more people to my list too!
Thanks for including me Scarlett!

Laura said...

Oh wow! Thank you soooo much for including my work in your wonderful list! I am of course flattered, and only wish I had known earlier!

Many of these artists are in my favs too, and I've added a fair few of them just now! There is sooo much talent on Etsy, it's ridiculous!

Eloise said...

31320 x 1/2 / 87 - 65 = 115 I LOVE TOO!!
n you are one of them sweety!!!

Thank you so much for adding me in your lovely list:D


PS.....n yes! go ahead n try the calculation, it IS right! hehehehe :)

Karin Grow said...

Oh my! This is such a great list, it's going to take some time to check them all out. I have tagged some more favorites I haven't seen before. Thank you so much for sharing and featuring me amongst these talented artists! Karin