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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Meet Lily

My boyfriend has been complaining about my cardboard backgrounds - he thinks they're a little bland - so I thought I'd indulge him and try something new.

After rummaging around in my gigantic paper stack (I was actually paid for a job in paper once!) I found some gorgeous white A3 stock with a very light stripe through it. Then I spent a lovely afternoon illustrating 'Lily'.

I really love the softness to my new pieces. It's nice to draw with a very light touch - quite different to my usual method ;)

She's called Lily because the dress was modelled on the one my friend, Lil (va va voom!), wore to her birthday party this weekend.

But once she was finished I realised the halo technique was reminiscent of Lily Piri's work.

xxx scarlett

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