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Friday, January 25, 2008

Gallery 696

Wow! It's been a very exciting day.

I caught up with Melika and Toby from 696 in Brunswick this morning and they've popped a heap of my prints, hair clips, mirrors and card, plus my two newest originals, Lola and Calypso, in their gorgeous gallery...

I am so thrilled to have my work gracing the same walls as some of my favourite Etsians - Bec Winnel (My Charlie Girl), Kelly Smith (kjsdesign/Birdy and me) and Ali J (Aussie Patches)

I think Lola looks fairly comfortable with her new friends - although now I can see what everyone says about my girls' heads being absolutely enormous!! (But how else can I possibly fit those eyes in ;) )

Anyway, if you're ever in Melbourne take a trip to 696 Sydney Road, Brunswick and check out this unique little gallery.

xxx scarlett

1 comment:

Ali J said...


I really wish I could pop into the store and have a look... I'd love to see all of our stuff together and up close! :)

One day we have to do an exhibition together, then our girls can definitely be side by side!