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Friday, January 18, 2008

Whatever Lola wants...

Is it totally narcissistic to be in love with your own work? (Probably)

But I really adore these girls. Once they're done they take on a life of their own and I feel completely disconnected from the creation process. It's like I'm looking at someone else's work.

Anyway, I'm right into this half done look now. I just love the way it makes the eyes really pop out. And the focus is on the hands and the face which is really what portraiture is about.

So this is tonight's darling - Lola.

It's really quite tricky to get the dark areas just dark enough to give her a decent contrast without tearing into the cardboard. I'd like to see how this works on a different material, but I'm still considering what that may be!

Anyway, that's enough for tonight. It's my birthday tomorrow and I think it's time to stop working!

xxx scarlett


shoppingally said...

love the "half done" look too....first Grace, now Lola...since I have a good start on my "colorful" scarlett girls wall .....need to go home & survey where my "muted" scarlett girls will go. Beautiful!
Happy happy birthday scarlett!!

tracychong said...

Happy Birthday!

Allison said...

Happy Birthday!

MyCharlieGirl said...

i love where you are going with your new technique. im a big fan of the brown card backgroud. and your right, the eyes totally pop! she is gorgeous :) xxxx

MyCharlieGirl said...


Hey Harriet said...

Love Lola! Gorgeous!
"Whatever Lola wants,
Lola gets..."
Hope the same applies to you on your birthday! Have a great one :)

High Desert Diva said...

The cardboard background is a nice touch!

Furkid Fever said...

Happy Birthday!!!I love your girls!! Lola is amazing. Love the eyes! I have added you as one of my favorite blogs. Awesome work!!