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Friday, October 26, 2007

My biggest Etsy order

How exciting!

I've been lucky enough to have some really wonderful customers pop into my Etsy shop. You know the type - lovely to deal with, polite and enthusiastic and always appreciative of your efforts.

Anyway, last Wednesday I've was thrilled to receive my largest card order so far from a repeat buyer who I just adore. She ordered 35 cards featuring all my recent artwork - I couldn't have been happier to make them up for her.

Here are a few pics:

My messy studio - I simply can't work neat. It doesn't feel right.

The 35 cards. I love these images. And they look so lush when they're all packaged up.

I just figured out how I'd like to package my buttons - with little hand drawn '♥scarlett' labels! Nice and personal.

And here's how it looks all packaged up. I like people to feel like they've just received a gift when they order something from me. And my packaging is rarely the same. Sometimes it's tissue paper, sometimes gift wrap, sometimes with a ribbon, sometimes with a card.

I hope my customer likes it!

xxx scarlett

1 comment:

CinCin said...

I just received my order and I just love them. They are just the cutest and I'm totally hooked on your art cards! Thank You Thank You!!!!!!!

Cindy from the US!!!!!