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Friday, October 26, 2007


Just click on the images for a closer look.

xxx kate

Glow (2009)

Escargot (2009)

Turtle Garden (2009)

Koi (2009)

Rivalry (2009)

Slumber (2009)

Early Bird (2009)

Vixen (2009)

Ship Shape (2009) SOLD

Nest (2009) SOLD

Nutkin (2009) SOLD

Bluebird (2009) SOLD

Float (2009) SOLD

Jasmine (2009)
Available at 696

Cherry Bomb (2009)
Available at 696

Chloe (2009) SOLD

Rosa (2008)

Rosie (2008) SOLD

Carolyn (2008) SOLD

Fox (2008) SOLD

Candy Apple (2008) SOLD

Tea Party (2008)

Urchin (2008) SOLD

Two's Company (2008) SOLD

Sleeping with the fishes (2008) SOLD


Daniela said...

Hello Scarlett,

I really like your pictures, they got a sparcle:)!

I like drawing too, though not too experienced with web etc.
Would I need some special scanner for higher quality pictures? I am thinking about starting my own portfolio on web or even just e-blogger account... any advice?

Thank you very much

scarlettcat said...

Hi Daniela,

If you're just publishing your pictures to the web, the scanning quality doesn't have to be that high at all.

But if you're going to make prints of them, make sure you get a really good quality 300dpi scan before you sell the original. If you're hanging onto the originals, you can always get a really good scan of them sometime down the track.

xxx scarlett

artzygrl said...

Hi Scarlett,

I'm in awe over your beautiful little "girlies"... I'm trying so hard to find my signature style and wish that I had the imagination that you do. I just love your work!!!

Jenny said...

I really love your artwork! I just got an iphone and came across this website and thought how I would love your artwork on my phone. Would you consider creating some skins through this site?