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Monday, September 10, 2007

La Voila!

Here's an Etsy artist I just adore.

Marijke Janssens is a graphic designer who lives in Belgium with her husband and a wonderfully surrealistic and slightly twisted imagination! Check out Enfin, La Voila, her Etsy shop, and you'll see what I mean.

I couldn't resist her Knight in Shining Armour Notecards

Then there's the beautifully bright Always Look on the Bright Side Set

Bad Hairday

Lucy in the Sky with Flowers

And, for Christmas, there's her gorgeous prancing deer set

Marijke has been on Etsy for over a year. She started out selling bags and purses and then opened her second shop, Enfin, La Voila, to move into more graphic design free-wheeling.

In her own words:
"The ideas roll out of my head. I think their must be some strange interactions in my brain that produce these ideas. Probably I get a lot of impressions from the world that surrounds me. Can you imagine this world?"

Yes. I can.

And I want in!

xxx scarlett


marsha said...

I think her work is beautiful and very inspiring! I love the "Always look on the bright side of life" one the best!

annejulie said...

I love her work!! thanks to you I'm discovering her :) I love your blog too :)