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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pleasantly productive

Poor blog. Totally neglected by Miss I'm-too-busy-hanging-out-on-Facebook-to-update-you. 

Anyway, the art is ticking along nicely and I have been updating my Facebook page fairly regularly. Gotten right back into painting and drawing with these newbies:

'Cara' - I'm going to turn her into a larger piece on nicer paper. I do hate it when I'm sketching on crappy paper and it turns out nice. Damn!

'Dorothea' - no idea why this one ended up named after my Mum (though I guess it's appropriate for Mother's Day) but I love her flowers and freckly face. 

'Dia de Muertos' - I've always loved sugar skulls and the whole Day of the Dead (Mexico, not George Romero) look. I started her last year but only finished her off a few weeks ago. 

'Octavia' - I adore octopi. I tried to rescue quite a large one that had pretty much beached itself a few years back in Tasmania. 

OK blog, consider yourself updated. Now, back to Facebook...



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