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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back on the horse

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. It was just the buck-up/support/kick-in-the-pants I needed!

I've decided to practice and play and not try to do finished pieces for a while.

And I'm going to post what I plonk on the page regardless of how it looks. Comments (positive or negative) are more than welcome.

Some of these are going to look like utter shite. Some will probably look OK. None will be finished. All will be messy.

Here's today's scribbles:

I quite like the eye-patch chick at the top. I don't mind the bottom left one (though she's pretty much my usual style) and I'm playing around with Ana Bagayan style lines a la the one at the bottom right. Audrey Kawasaki does the same type of thing with her heavy and light lines. I really like that. Will play around with them again later this week.

All in all, fairly crap effort, but truth be told, it was good to pick up a pencil and get back on the horse.


xxx kate


kbezona said...

Oh! ive been reading come of your blog and I must say that I LOVE Audrew Kaw. and Chris Ryniak!!!
I think we have too much in common :D


Esz said...

Yay you're back on the horse! :-D Sometimes its good to just let loose and not fear drawing something crap. Hehe. I have been doing much of the same lately....just chipping away doing little sketches every day. And some are good and some are bad but it doesn't matter!

marcia furman said...

Woohoo! :D

becwinnel said...

It's cool seeing your 'sketches'.. I look forward to seeing more :) I really like the girl in the top left too, she feels so real in a way and her little piano eye-patch is so cute! xo

cinderellapunk said...

despite the creative block, I think what you've been doing to create inspiration is great (the magazine girls, all your sketches, AND not least your blog!) is all in a very good cause and I am of the opinion that if all artists are constantly inspired and creating, that they wouldn't be human! Also it helps to sometimes diversify; I love to draw as well (not nearly as beautifully as you;-) ) but I also love to sew and create fabric dolls. Check out "blossomnbirds" flickr page for loads of creative inspiration. She (Karen Williams) is a huge inspiration to me when I'm feeling at a low ebb, and her creative outpourings seem endless. Keep up the great work Kate! I'm just waiting for a cheque to clear so I can buy some more of your gorgeous girls;-)