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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The scary new job

I mentioned previously that my art has had to take a back seat lately. (Sorry art.)

Here's why:

Dave's the one that looks half decent, I'm the squinter (click on it to see just how bad that picture really is) and we've just taken on a new job as joint Creative Directors at CUBED Communications.

It's exciting - we leave each night positively buzzing about the potential in this agency and all the things we'd like to do.

It's also fucking scary.

Not just work-wise, but art-wise too.

I've got a solo show coming up, some interviews on the horizon and potential magazine work that I suspect I'll have to turn down. At the same time, I've been asked to judge The Globals (an advertising award show from New York) and put more time into industry events while figuring out how to be a good creative director.

There's too much happening at once - and it's all good. I just need to cram a few more hours into each day.

Anyone have a time machine? I'll return it last week.

xxx kate


Kelly said...

Do you get to GO to NY? If so then Art Shmart my friend ;)

Glad the new job is going well! At least all of this creative energy will keep your brain stimulated while you're trying to get your show ready!

Natalie said...

You are kicking all kinds of arse, and I'm sure you'll keep it up :D

Joanna DeVoe said...

Ooooh... blessings are raining down on your head! Magazine work you'll have to turn down? I hope to be so lucky one day soon. And, BTW, you are a very cute squinter.

My Charlie Girl said...

Go Kate and Dave !! Whoop Whoop !! You guys rule! (said with my best ever Punky Brewster voice).

So proud of you both. Love ur photo.. it makes you look smart and like you know what you are doing hehe.


Anonymous said...

wow. I was starting to think that i would have to leave my advertising career if i wanted my arts career to flourish, but you are living proof that i can do both!

Thank you for the inspiration.