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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Progress - The Girl From Every Port

She's coming along nicely (the little tart).

There's still a lot of work left in her, but now it's all details.

I don't want to crop the base of this piece with the frame. I like the look of her fading away - So there'll be a hell of a lot of blending work in that part.

But at least the piece I want to use for my flyer is almost there.

One (almost) down. Nineteen (or so) to go!

Wish me luck.

xxx kate


Kelly said...

Oh I like that you're showing a bit more of the figure in this one.
It's scary branching out of the head/shoulders routine isn't it? :)
I'm also loving the red stripe.
Goodluck with the next 19 ;) x

Esz said...

That's coming along really nicely!! Love the red :-D

I hope you don't mind - but I've added you to a list of my favourite art blogs in this post --->

kate lightfoot said...

Thanks Kel - I used to do full length bodies, but not for a very long time now. Need to get back into practice!

Esz - do I mind?! I'm delighted! Thank you so much.

xxx kate

Mundo Mundaca said...

She is soooo beautifil and sexy!


Anna Lloyd said...

Hey, she looks great! I love the nautical theme.

Cascade Lily said...

Good luck!