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Friday, April 03, 2009


A sleepy little piece for the 'We Love Ladies Too' show at 696 next Wednesday.

There's a fantastic line up of artists, including Andrea Innocent, whose work I've adored for years. Everyone's welcome to come along and I'd love to see you there if you're able to make it.

xxx scarlett
xxx kate

(Now I'm just hedging my bets on the name dilemma!)


ElegantSnobbery said...

Very cute!

You can always go by 'Katie Scarlett' a la Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With The Wind. :)

Stacey D. said...

ElegantSnobbery - I love that idea.
Katie Scarlett sounds awesome

Alex. said...

I swear every pic you post is even better than the last. She's so perfectly rendered she just lifts off the page.

Love the lace, as always, and the pattern in the bunny's ears too :) Wish I could go to this show - it looks so good!

x Alex.

Dawn said...

Ah, it's times like these I wished I lived in Melbourne!!! Love this artwork, and the exhibition looks great. As for names, I vote Kate (although I am biased because I have a Kate of my own). You'll know when you've made the right decision because you'll feel free :)

Pendientuda said...

Congrats!your works have art!