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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Changing my name

I've been painting as 'Scarlett' for a few years now, but I think I'm about to go back to my real name - Kate Lightfoot.

I really just started using Scarlett, because it was easier when writing on the Etsy forums for people to call me by my shop name.

But if a potential customer googles 'Scarlett' they get this:

Now it would be nice if that were me (particularly nice for Bill) , but it isn't.

So to make it easier for people to track me down, to make it easier for me to explain who I am to galleries and for the sake of honesty, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be signing my art with a 'k' from now on and going by 'Kate Lightfoot'.

Comments? Suggestions?

I'd love some feedback on this as it's doing my head in and keeping me up at night.

xxx kate (I think)


Anna Lloyd said...

Sounds like a plan, I hope it doesn't confuse people. But I must admit I put you on my blog list as Kate Lightfoot!

KittyMeow said...

If it is affecting your potential customer base so much I definitely think it's worth changing. I think Kate Lightfoot is a much more unique name too :-) Can't imagine there's too many of those on Google.

Ali J said...

I guess it depends on how you want to portray yourself and how important your name is.

I mean, I create under the name Ali J but my real name is Alicia Rosam. Initially I had the problem of using two identities, but now everything is created under the name Ali J including all my exhibition work. That is my preference, and every event I've participated in so far has accepted my alter ego (with open arms).

I guess..... do you only want to change it as a marketing stratedgy? I can understand that you might want people to find you easier.... but there are plenty of other artists with alter egos that still gain notice using a common word as their name. ie, creepy.

Sometimes the alter ego will be more famous then the real name. Especially because they will be more likely to remember it.

Just a few things for you to think of... ;)

The Great Ethan Allen said...

I'm gonna miss the scarletcat name. But Kate Lightfoot does sound unique. ( Sounds Native American!) At least you name is not exactly like a famous person...Like...Hmmm...Ethan Allen! ( for those who don't know, he was an American Patriot who captured FT ticonderoga. He also owns a Large number of Furniture stores in the Midwest U.S And no, I'm related to none of them!)

Cascade Lily said...

What about Scarlett Kate? Best of both worlds!

On another subject matter, I think you should definitely learn how to do inkies of echidnas, as I may have a proposition for you...LOL

Anonymous said...

This question is driving me nuts as well.
I did it because I wanted to keep my art seperate from me, so Id be one step removed from the good and bad results...But it proves to be such a hassle
We've come to know your work as scarlett, but Kate Lightfoot sounds more 'professional'. Expect some transition troubles ;) But if it makes you more comfortable then go for it

Cassandra said...

I probably just don't pay enough attention because I had no idea that your name WASN'T Scarlett, and while that's lovely, I like Kate Lightfoot better! It sounds so crisp and pretty.

(kate lightfoot)

Hmmm, so much food for thought.

I'm going to have to devote some serious brain power to this.

Very glad to hear from some others who've had the same issues. Here I was thinking it was just me!

xxx scarlett/kate (there you go lily!)

Alex. said...

Ah, yeah. The big debate. I've got the same thing going on, even though "Lexy" and "Alex" are pretty similar, but I wish I'd just kept everything as Alex, since that's what most people call me anyway, and it is my name of course. Lexy makes me grind my teeth a bit now - I think I'm over the nickname!

Maybe to help with the transition on all of your sites/selling venues, you can clearly put both names on them for a period of time, so that people get used to seeing Kate Lightfoot, rather than suddenly just changing to that and having people wonder where Scarlet went!

I've gotta say you've got a classy name though. Much better than "Tebb" - My last name is just ass so I'm very happy to be getting rid of that name soon!

(kate lightfoot)

'Lightfoot' is actually my married name - I'm now divorced, but I liked it so much I kept it (heheheh).

Good idea Lexy Alex! I've started putting both names on the back of everything - maybe I'll just leave it at that for a little while.

xxx k

Jesse Atkinson said...

Hi Kate, as much as I love the name ScarlettCat, i think you should change to Kate Lightfoot - it's a great name anyway...

Felicia said...

I just saw your entry in the Semi Permanent book. Gotta love the drawing style... might even get a tat similar in style as your drawings! =)

Danielle Scott said...

Hey Kate! don,t know if you remeber me.Danielle from the uk,i sent you loads of artists to look at a while back.(i will startup my blog son and thanks for permission to put an image or two of your work on it and a link and sprout poetical things about your work.)

ok back to the big question.Name change,.
I think going by your real name is a good idea.It,s you and a very beautiful unique nae.Not like mine gogle Danielle Sott and you get everyone from the uk to australia!

So yep go for it but you may have to change the name of your blog so new customers understand it, you.
Or put "Scarlett Cat by Kate Lightfoot." or something.
Hope that help hon.
Take car keep up the beautiful work.I will buy some soon i hope, i owe my eldest dughter a belate birthday present andi don,t think anyone could beat one of your artworks.(my daughters 9 and wants to be an artist like mummy)
D.p.s. i got a parcel and on it was my biz name and the delivery guy thought i was called Miss Opal Orchid Black! i wish i had such an exotic name.ut alas it,s my labels name.See uniqueness is good.

(kate lightfoot)

"Miss Opal Orchid Black" - that is SUPERB!

Kelly said...

I think going by Kate Lightfoot is the way to go. I mean it's who you are.
I hope you're no stressing over the TRANSITION of it?
It's easy enough to do. I mean, when I refer to you it's as Kate Lightfoot aka Scarlett Cat.
Your work has such a strong identity of its own, which is main thing, so even if at first they're like 'Kate? What?' its still recognisable and eventually the name will catch on and Scarlett will phase out.
I wouldn't panic about it.
I think you're doing the right thing. It's nice to be recognised for what you do by your own name.

My Charlie Girl said...

kate lightfoot for sure, as you said, its more unique... :)

ps. i will still call you scarlett in person haha.