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Monday, March 02, 2009

Scarlett tumbles

After pouring over everyone else's tumblr photostreams, I've decided to create on for myself.

It's quite risque in parts so it's not really work safe (ie. tits ahoy!), but I'm slowly building up a collection of my favourite reference images for my artwork. There are photographs of clothes, cute furry animals, not-so-cute slimy animals, hair, hands, poses and gorgeous faces - including that of my number one flirty, quirky girl, Zooey Deschanel.

If you'd like to take a peek, visit scarlett tumbles.

My favourite part is bouncing from one tumblr to another to another and delving further and further into the depths of the internet in my neverending quest for good reference material. Journey to the centre of the net!

The other tumblrs I've been frequenting lately are:
suicide blonde
oleiah's findings
the cellar door

If you have a tumblr account of your own - or a favourite one you like to visit - please let me know in the comments section here.

I'm completely addicted to them!

xxx scarlett


The Great Ethan Allen said...

great tumble! I love Zoey too, she is so cute. (her part in almost famous & elf being my favorite movies) As far as the tumble goes. Whoa! If I was not an artist too, I would almost say ....ah nevermind. then again, I get a hard time from my wife because of the mermaid I carved. ( she is topless)

(kate lightfoot)

*blushes* I know, I know it's probably well beyond 'risque' in parts. But as you know artists do become quite blase about nudity - and I love suggestive, flirty poses. Combine the two and you get...oh dear. Definitely not for work. Or granny's house.

Apologies in advance if it offends anyone. Though I did warn you.

xxx scarlett

sandymichelle said...

Wow that was awesome! (I love zoey too) I've never heard of before... interesting! I love collecting images for inspiration also.. I end up wasting my time doing it! Thanks for the wonderful images, good stuff. :)