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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Time for a spring clean

It's high time I had an Etsy spring clean. There are pieces there that just aren't reflective of the type of work I do now, but they sell so well I've been reluctant to ditch them.

Anyway, tomorrow's the day.

My grand plan is to:
  • delete anything over 18 months old (that's going to hurt)
  • update my banner
  • make a few original ACEOs (really, it's about bloody time!)
  • list a fresh set of ACEOs - all the art from Sugar & Spice
These are the ACEOs and 5"x7" prints I'll be listing tomorrow:

Can't wait for a fresh new spring-cleaned store.

(Of course, my house is another matter entirely...)

xxx scarlett


Musicaltree said...

yikes! spring Cleaning. I really like those new prints though. Are you gonna make any buttons of any of those, to post on etsy?

homemaker Hobbies said...

With 5 kids, you should see MY house. You'r prints are adorable:)

Nicole said...

I did a spring clean of my etsy store too! I deleted my whole shop. bye bye etsy.

Sabbio said...

A really nice montage!