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Thursday, February 05, 2009

More, more, more

But still not enough. And only a week to go.

Could someone please send the art fairy to my house this week?

xxx scarlett


Kelly said...

How many are you trying to have for the show?

Lexy. said...

But they're looking so good!

Don't stress! Haha, I did. I'm not sure anyone could speak to me the week before my show without me getting a little bit snippity.

I hope you don't have too much more to do!

Sabbio said...

They are lovely :)

Cascade Lily said...

Well they're looking great and not at all rushed. Art fairy is en route :)

Sophie Appleby said...

Oh these are so beautiful! I just love the girl with the cherries, those colours just look divine together. Hope you enjoy your weekend and stay cool is this crazy weather. :)
Sophie x

homemaker Hobbies said...

How cute are those?!! Love them!

marcia furman said...

they are all gorgeous... :D

tabitha said...

Your doing a great job :)
Just letting you know I have tagged you. Its just a bit of fun, if you are interested (and if you have time), see my blog, thanks :)

KittyMeow said...

Love your work! I found you via DreamyGiraffe (off Twitter) - and you're an Aussie too! Hello! :-D

Caroline. said...

I saw your website linked on DreamyGiraffe blog and I have to say, I loved your big-eyed girls. I'm impressed at how different you make them look, even though there are a lot of "portraits"! :D
I've added you on my twitter ;)

Almay Alday said...

great illustrations! I'll send the fairy your way if you can send a fairy who will drop off the perfect husband who has a trust fund!

Anonymous said...

ohhhh, i love love love your art! can i post some of it on my blog (with links, of course!)?

Raven said...

I'm going thru the same thing right now...but these are so very lovely!


scarlett (kate lightfoot) said...

heartshapedmorning said...
ohhhh, i love love love your art! can i post some of it on my blog (with links, of course!)?
You sure can, Chloe - go for it!
xxx scarlett