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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sketchels - part 2

Oooh, they're coming along quite nicely. And I am thoroughly enjoying playing with my paints and tiny, tiny brushes. (The smaller, the better!)

This one is 'finished'. ie. I'm still umming and ahhing, but don't think I'll do anything more to her:

And this one is still in progress:

I'm going to add a few more layers to the faces (and give the one on the right some eyeballs!) but I'll leave the hair and dress white and just add some pencil tones to give it all some shape.

Then these two will be off to 696 for the Sketchel show (February 7) where they'll be turned into bags.

xxx scarlett


Almay Alday said...

Both of them are awesome! I really like the one with the lollipops!

Cascade Lily said...

These are looking great. I'd love to use some of Rom's artwork to make one!

Popping by to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!