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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Advice and help needed!

OK, I'm a little needy today.

First, I need your help:
I really need about 10 more votes before The Bubble competition ends. I'm in the lead, but it's going to be mighty close and there are still seven days left.

So if you haven't already voted (and if you have - thank you SO much) I'd be very grateful if you could do so now by clicking this link:

It only takes a moment to sign up and if you uncheck the 'mailing list' box when you do, they won't send you anything.

Second, I need your advice:

These are my two new girls. I'm struggling to decide whether to go full colour, or leave them in grey pencil. The outlines have really grown on me and I'm terrified I'll ruin them if Ihead down the coloured pencil path.

So what do you think?

Leave them as they are (with a bit more shading and depth), colour them in, or do something in between?

Any comments would be appreciated.

xxx scarlett


Sabbio said...

I already voted for you and I hope you'll win!

Concerning your two new girls I'll go for something in between... I love when there's a "raw" part and some colors, just like the two sketchel girls under this post for instance. Anyway I'm sure they're going to be terrific as usual! ^^

J. Leigh Designz said...

Can you do partial color? Like the one in your etsy mini to the right on here? I really like the girl on the right!

LazyTcrochet said...

an "untrained eye", but I think I'd like to see some color
Good luck!

jennamichelle said...

They are very pretty!
You could try digitally coloring them so see if you like the way they look colored! I like them as drawings though, personally. Maybe if you watercolor them, you'll still be able to see the lines and you'll have to best of color and the original lines.

Claire said...

Your colors are so beautiful...go for color!

Lexy. said...

I like the idea of something in between.

Is this helping, or are you just getting too many suggestions now ?!


My Charlie Girl said...

i think they are really soft and pretty... and a little on the delicate side... maybe do them in graphite pencil and a then just a touch of subtle colour ??? Stick them on a wall somewhere, or shelf, then step back and look for a little while and see what you feel :) xxx

Cascade Lily said...

Good luck with the comp! I've voted and so has Carl :)

What about one single colour in certain places, leaving the rest in pencil. Like magenta. Yummm!

The Great Ethan Allen said...

full color! full color! the sketches look ok, but alwasy look unfiished. color, color, color. lol Ok that is my vote.

DanielleScott said...

I think that subtle colour could work.A soft shading for the hair
making use of a tinted background.
And just shading the hair accessories and eyes.
Or you could photocopy the drawings and quickly experiment with each option rather than trying to visualise it and if printed on a nice weight paper could be sold as another variation.

Hope that helps.I,m off to vote for you now!

Bee said...

I would like to see them somewhere in between. I am very into line with a dash of colour in my own girls at the moment and would love to see a Scarlett version.

sophie said...

hi ! ive voted for you! love their big quirky eyes as u said! :)
if you could, do vote for me too!
im in literature, 'Survived, Thrived"!

scarlett (kate lightfoot) said...

Thanks everyone! I'm going to go for the half and half look (splash of colour, with empty patches).

And Sophie - I've voted for you - looks like you'll be winning your category! Nice work!

xxx scarlett