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Sunday, December 07, 2008


I'm pleased to introduce three new girls, brand spankin' new this weekend - and unlike normal triplets, none of these need changing or feeding.

Meet Zoe, a French schoolgirl showing of her sassy new beret on casual day. Lovin' those purple pigtails and the softer colour palette in this one.

Slouch, a lanky, languid and bored model (aren't they all?!). Nice dress, though.

And Martinique...

..who was inspired after a visit to Kelly Smith's blog where she shared this stunning photo by Gemma Booth.

I love the warpaint, the feather headress and Indian inspired jewellery. Thanks for the insiration Kel! (And thanks Gemma Booth).

Martinique is going to be one of my entries in the 2009 Linden Gallery Postcard Show.
I always do things arse-about for this show. Entries close 1 December, but the artwork isn't required until January, so instead of creating pieces, and naming them once I've seen what they look like, I've already entered my three titles and now have to come up with artwork that suits each one.

So now I have to draw an Isabel and a Rosa.

(Actually, Isabel may suit my little Indian miss better than Martinique - opinions?)

xxx scarlett


Lexy. said...

Argh. When I found out about the Linden postcard show too late to enter for 2008, I told myself I'd enter for the '09 show - whoops!!

2010 it is, then.

I do like Martinique, but she could certainly be an Isabel too.

I especially like the whispy bits in Zoe's hair!!

Cascade Lily said...

I reckon stick with Martinique. Isabel and Rosa...hmmm. I'm thinking red lips and blonde hair for one of them! LOL

Anonymous said...

You are truely beyond clever. I am totally in love with your girls. Have you ever done any boys??? I have 3 little boys and I would love to see them touched by your magic fingers...or should I say pencils? LOL Michelle

Kelly said...

I luuuuurve Isabel for her.
It's like Legends of the Fall and Isabel 2!
Awwww call her Isabel xxx

scarlett (kate lightfoot) said...

Anonymous said...
I am totally in love with your girls. Have you ever done any boys???

hehehe ;)

But in an artistic sense, no. I just can't draw boys - they just turn out all curvy and girly. I've tried but they all look like drag queens!

I'm sticking with girls. And rabbits.

xxx scarlett

daydream lily said...

these are awesome. I saw Martinique on your facebook and I love her. I think you blue haired girls are most definitely my favourites!