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Monday, December 08, 2008

New shops open

OK, I'm trying out a few new sites (I'm quite disgruntled with Etsy at the moment and I'd like to see what else is out there).

So I've signed up with ecrater - which looks very crisp and clean.

And artfire which is still in beta testing.

I only have a few prints listed, but will be filling these up some more in the next few weeks.

And I'll probably try a few other venues too. So if you have any favourite online shopping stores, please let me know and I'll check them out.

I'm planning to report back on how these different sites stack up against each other.

xxx scarlett


shoppingally said...

don't know alot about these from a sellers point of view, but I have purchased from these two websites & - might want to check them out. Good Luck.

Nicole said...

I'm the same to of late, let me know how you go! Good luck!

scarlett (kate lightfoot) said...

Thanks Ally, I'll check them both out. My grand plan is to sign up to just about everywhere for amonth or so and try and settle on one or two stores early next year.

xxx scarlett

Lexy. said...

Would love to hear how you go with these two. I've been wondering about ArtFire.

I'm trying out Madeit and Dawanda at the moment. But have to stock my Dawanda shop today.

Good luck with the new shops!!

marcia furman said...

Speaking of Etsy... I got my art card today and it's completely gorgeous! Thank you so much!!

Ali J said...

Well if you know a bit of css and html (or know how to google for answers) then shopify is a great place. It does cost money each month..... but I've found having a shop on there so far has

a) cost me less then etsy
b) brought me more sales then etsy
c) allows discounts to be placed, including gift vouchers
d) looks cool
e) is easier for people to 'checkout' with products.


My store -

the shopify site -

I just picked a template and then altered it for my store with my own images/logo etc and added bits & pieces in.

RocketGirl said...

I would be interested to hear what the verdict is :) I'm an Etsy newbie (vintageprincipessa) and am not selling anything(!!) (like most newbies), when I know I could sell it all on ebay...but it's just not the same!

RocketGirl said...

Oh PS voted for you :)

nuvonova said...


It's still at a beta stage I guess, even though they launed last December, but they had a recent revamp and it looks really good.

daydream lily said...

oh I haven't seen these before. The only other one I know of is but I think these look better.
oh is teapot head girl original still available?