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Sunday, September 07, 2008


Shhhh. Don't tell anyone but I managed to spend pretty much an entire day at work surfing the net last week. I spent heaps of time at which was, in fact, damn interesting. I also checked out notcot (design, art, gadgets and stuff) and fffound (image bookmarking site).

I thought I was just bludging the day away, but then I got in my car and discovered my brain was utterly buzzing with new ideas.

Here are some of them:

  1. A blog that sells ideas. Just post the idea with a price next to it ($1 for little ideas that anyone could pull off and $more for the bigger ones) and hope the honesty system works.
  2. A new boutique hotel called ROY G. BIV which has seven floors each with a different colour. So the first floor would be entirely red - each room would have red carpet, red walls, red lamps etc all different shades and accented with white.
  3. You know those fancy gifty novelty dishwashing brushes. They should do one that looks like a palm tree - green bristles and a woody stem.
  4. Heaps of card ideas which I may one day put in my other Etsy shop that's been stagnating for about 8 months now.
But it's all well and good to have these ideas. Doing something about them is an entirely different matter. Which is why you probably won't see a blog that sells ideas, a hotel called ROY G. BIV (the initials of the colours of the rainbow if anyone is wondering) or a palm tree dishwashing brush any time soon. Not from me at least!

But I am going to start work on those card ideas.

Or play 'just one more' game of dicewars.

xxx scarlett


The Empty Envelope said...

I think those are wonderful ideas!!!

Sabbio said...

Lovely ideas, especially the hotel ;D

Rosebud Collection said...

Once the ideas start, look out..they just keep on coming..Good job..

SewMuchDetail said...

Fun ideas, Scarlett Cat!! Sounds like you had a very creative week!