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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Milla Elizabeth and the card dilemma

Bill and I are incredibly lucky to have our best friends living less than 600m from us. And they've just had a gorgeous baby girl - Milla Elizabeth.

Milla's mum and I go way back. And when I say way back...I mean WAY back to when we were 12, on the first day of highschool. So I'm thrilled to be 'auntie' Scarlett to this little cutie!

I made a little card for Milla that I'm really quite happy with. So now I'm wondering if this should be a new product line in my Etsy store (the card, not the baby).

I could either:

a) make custom named cards - the problem here is that I imagine most people would want them fairly quickly and it takes me two weeks to get products to the States which is where most of my customers come from. Also the price would probably be too high.

b) I could forget the names altogether and just write generic greetings - happy birthday, merry christmas etc. But this isn't as special as having your name on a card, is it.

Anyway, I'll sit and think about it for a bit longer while I coo over Milla and play with her cute big brother who's just about to turn two.


xxx scarlett


Laurie said...

You could always do both! :)

Kelly said...

The card you made is so sweet Kate!

I think it'd be an amazing idea to personalise them. Perhaps you could have a little disclaimer...where you request that people purchase a few weeks in advance. In terms of the extra cost i'm sure that would be part of the luxury of the item.

Generic cards are good but very time consuming.
I found that when I had them in the shop, they sold really well but the cost didn't really equate to how long they took to print and package. When they were consistently selling it got a little tiring.

LazyTcrochet said...

Milli is so sweet! I do love the card that you made. I think it would be a great addition to your shop. People should be understanding that it might take awhile to arrive. Good luck!

Walk in the Woods said...

While you consider these options (an possibly others!) cooing over little Milla seems the perfect thing to do. :)

On a Whimsey said...

Adorable! Both of them!!!

Rosebud Collection said...

What a beautiful baby..I sure would do the card business..The card is really nice..

April Horsman said...

Oh I love that!

I'm with kelly, let them know the timeframe in advance, but ALSO have the generic ones as well!


k*smith said...

The card is BEAUTIFUL {and so is the baby}

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Just a precious little one...and the card is cute, too! You should offer both options and the personalized cards could be special order so you could state the extra time for creation. ~Tina

Simply Sentimental said...

I would do both....I would more then be willing to wait a while for beautiful cards with my name on them if they looked like that....They would also make great gifts..You could do small and large sets...Let me know if/when you get them up and I'd love to promote them on my blog....