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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Perpetual Kagemi

Yesterday I visited Luke Feldman's (aka Skaffs) Perpetual Kagemi exhibition.

It was great to meet him (plus his very proud Mum!) and pick up one of his lovely original pieces.

The work was amazing - the most delicate digital pieces I've ever seen, plus beautiful original ink drawings like the one I bought.

Plus he's a nice guy, to boot. An Aussie, but he lives in San Fran. I'll certainly be keeping my eye on his gorgeous girls.

xxx scarlett


Melissa said...

I would have liked to go to that show - the original you bought is gorgeous!

SecretMe said...

beautiful you must be very proud yourself of owning such a piece, his work reminds me a little of matt sewell here in england.

check him out:

Caroline said...

Beautiful work!