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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Semi-Permanent brother

I am so jealous of my baby brother.

Green with envy, in fact.

You see, Jamie's the creative director and one of the co-founders of lifelounge and he'll be presenting at Semi-Permanent in Sydney and Perth this month alongside Ben Frost, Anthony Lister, Pixar and Amy Sol.

AMY SOL!! I adore her work. And he's going to get to hob nob with her in Sydney.

And Ben Frost. And Anthony Lister. And Pixar.

You think I'd get used to this. He hung out with Fafi at the last Curvy launch, he had a lovely pic taken with Liz Hurley a few years back and he seems to know pretty much every mover and shaker in the art, design, extreme sports and advertising world.

And he's three years younger than me.


xxx scarlett

* Used strictly as term of endearment. As well as being bloody talented, gutsy, good looking and knowing a hell of a lot of cool people, he's also a really nice guy.


sound&fury said...

There's actually an Aussie slang dictionary out there on the internet somewhere designed for tourists travelling to Australia which defines 'bastard' as 'a term of endearment'... yes, I would quite love a tourist try that one on one of the locals and see how far they get.

Rosebud Collection said...

Don't you feel bad..Your day is coming..

Alissa said...

crap, that's gotta burn you up! But perhaps if you are really nice to him he can hook you up with some of his "people"!

scarlettcat said...

sound&fury - hilarious! It's one of those terms that you can get away with 'aussie to aussie', but I don't think the 'tourist to aussie' version would have quite the same endearing qualities! xxx scarlett

Caroline said...

Awww, I'd be jealous too, but in a very proud-sister kinda way! I'm pretty sure my little bro is going to be famous someday, too. ;)

blueboygifts said...

I have a friend like that. Makes me jealous.

But your day will come. I am sure baby bro will put in a good word for his favorite sister!

Clarissa said...

semipermanent was great! i met amy sol, shes sucha sweet girl! i really admire her work too~~

but its great your bro has connections to these people :)