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Friday, March 14, 2008

More pics from 'We Love Ladies'

So I didn't make it to my first group show, 'We Love Ladies' at 696

So I've been desperately waiting to get my hands on some pics from the night. And I've finally found some.

Here's how it all looked.

'The Yard' at 696

The three on the grey wall (top left) were mine (hard to see from here, I know).

looks like fun, huh?

The bright ones on the left are by Ali J and the pencil on white images in the black frames are by Bec Winnel.

One the left, Nom Kinnear-King. One the right, Samara

The four smaller ones in the middle are Ali J's

Now I really wish I'd been there!

xxx scarlett

1 comment:

MyArtInProgress said...

Ah man that looks like a blast. I wish I could have gone.