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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Magnolias, roses and lilies. Oh my!

I've always loved adding a touch of floral in my art, but I'm keen to use more flowers in the background. Guess I'm turning into my grandmother - I'm even watering my garden once in a while these days instead of opting for my 'if it doesn't grow without any care whatsoever, it's not in the right garden' policy.

So I'm hoping the flowers behind this little work in progress will turn out looking like flowers.

Not so obvious at stage one, but I think they're working quite nicely in the final. Her name is Florence.

xxx scarlett


Cicada Studio said...

Gardens are very inspiring. And when you're done gardening and you step back and take a look it's just as satisfying as seeing a new drawing you've done (maybe with some flowers!).

Caroline said...

Lovely work! I tend to take the latter approach to my gardening endeavors, too. ;)

Jessica Ziel said...

love the flowers--I need some flowers of my own!!!

Shannon said...

I like the flowers. I think they add a nice touch of color to the picture. :)

scarlettcat said...

As I'm drawing these wonderfully lush blooms, I'm taking a guilty gaze at the dead thyme, the crispy sage and wilting basil in my herb garden.


Karmas gonna get me eventually.

xxx carlett

Allison said...

Oh great! This almost reminds me of the flower equivalent of birthstones :]