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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Why I love Joe Sorren

Simple. It's the way he uses light in his paintings.

OK, it's other things too.

Sorren paints in a wonderful impressionistic style that I couldn't mimic to save myself. I just don't understand how people can flop blobs of paint on a canvas and get pictures like these out of it. I have to make sure every line is in an organised logical position, but Sorren can clearly feel his way around the image.

This is his most recent piece (you can see it on his home page).
Look at the way that light is reflecting onto those two boys. Just gorgeous. Not to mention that darling expression on the one on the right.

Then there's my all-time favourite, Mother As Bull With Parasol.
I had to buy this one and I'm still besotted with it. I'm also still in awe of the way the light hits her back.

And finally Glimmer.

The light is still beautifully done, but it's the figure herself that I'm in love with in this one. There's such a sweetness and innocence surrounding her.

I have the horrible feeling my credit card is going to take a Joe Sorren style beating once again.


xxx scarlett

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