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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Make a Moleskine pen holder

The only thing I'm more obsessed with than gift wrap is my Moleskine collection. I always have at least one, usually two (and sometimes five) in my bag.

Lately I've been reading about Moleskin 'hacks' - customising your Moleskine to suit you. I've always plastered stickers all over the front of each of my mini folios, but I thought I'd try an idea one smart little forum user had for adding a pen holder.

It's dead simple.

You'll need:
1 fresh Moleskine (in this case my new 2009 diary)
1 nail (Can't find one? Steal one from a picture hook like I did)
1 hammer (or shoe, or brick)
1 nice button
needle and thread

Step 1
Basically you're sewing a button to the front of your moleskine.
So mark where the button holes are...

Step 2 your moleskine on a surface you can safely nail through and nail holes in it to correspond with the button holes.

Step 3
Sew on the button.

Step 4
If you're a crap sewer (pun intended) like me, you'll end up with a rather untidy looking inner page.

So hide it.

Step 5
Technically there isn't a Step 5. You're done.

But here's how you can now attach a pen or pencil


In your face Moleskine! Pen successfully attached.

xxx scarlett

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Rosebud Collection said...

What a great lesson on how to make the holder..It came out looking wonderful..Thanks..I can't get over the idea and it is so practical.

capitolagirl said...

Great tutorial! The holder looks really nice.

Little Dickens Designs said...

Very nice tutorial!

Cassandra said...

This is a great idea, thank you!

My Charlie Girl said...

haha, you are brilliant! up there for thinkin... down there for....


PS, Useless piece of info.... my word verification spelt 'trands' today. its alwasy a bit exciting when they spell a word :)

UniqueNurseGranny said...

How clever.

Alex Louisa said...

Oh see now I'm going to have to go and buy a hardcover one just so I can put a button on the front!

I only have a silly amount of the little pocket ones now.

Niki Jackson said...

Very cool, I'll have to try that, I love Moleskines too :D Niki xxx

tracychong said...

Very cool!

Carmen said...

brilliant! I wonder if a hot glue gun will work just the same (crappy sewer too, ja!).

Term Papers said...

Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

Americo said...

Genious! I just did my own but with a pin I didn't really use, just bent the tip on the inside of the notebook and BAM! it works. Thanks for your awesome idea.

Carlos Perez said...

Very cool solution! I searched high and low and didn't find anything as cool as this one. I like being able to customize the Moleskine with a button to personalize it a bit. I followed your instructions and did it on my new Moleskine. You can check it out here:

Yogesh said...

nice one.. thanks for your tutorial

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Anonymous said...

What a great hack!! My most favorite yet. I just sewed on my button and it works beautifully!!!

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