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Monday, December 06, 2010

A long time between drinks

Flicking through my last few blog posts, I just noticed that I never posted the final work-in-progress pic of my first big-eyed girl oil painting.

And then I realised I'm close to hitting an anniversary.

In a couple of months it will be a full year since I've picked up a pencil or paintbrush and done any kind of art whatsoever.

A full year, people.

To be honest that makes me a little sad.

While I have no desire to create art, I miss the feeling of having made something out of a blank sheet of paper and some coloured pencil lead or paint pigment. And I was quite pleased with my oil painting - she was coming along nicely until I completely ran out of steam.

Maybe one day I'll have the urge to unpack the paints, finish her off and give her a name.

Until then, she'll just have to wait in my studio window like she has for almost a year.



marcia furman said...

This makes me so very sad. I'm glad you are where you want to me. . .but I miss your art! XO

kate lightfoot said...

I miss it too, Marcia. I just have no desire to make it! I'm quietly hoping it may come back one day.

kate lightfoot said...
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Danielle Shepherd said...

I know what that feeling is like. Sometimes you get so caught up with everything else in life, that creative inspiration is lost and it's a sad thing when that happens. But I hope yours will come back soon because your work is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate! I am at the other end of where you are now & just getting back into making art again after well over a year focusing on design projects. I'm certain you'll get there again. Anyone with as much dedication to make beautiful art as you have doesn't lose it altogether. Sometimes you just have to put it aside for sanity's sake.

Harvard said...

Hopefully without the soul-suction from institutional banking, the inspiration will return.

Anonymous said...

What you aren't seeing is, she is finished :) . She is perfect just the way she is! She looks like a "Zoe" to me: Zoe meaning The girls' name Zoe (ZOH-ee) has a wonderful and ancient history. It is a Greek word meaning "life," and often used in the context of "life-giving" or "eternal life."

....your art has eternal life, and shines whomever it touches.

Time to pick up those tools again Kate. Zoe needs a brother, or boyfriend or husband! :)

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