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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Two weeks till flirting time

Not long to go now.

My frames arrived last week and I'm now putting pieces into them. It's really quite satisfying to see them finished off in lovely fancy white frames. They're not cheap either!

I was planning to skimp and do half in the fancy frames and half in plain white (ie. less expensive!), but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

So here's a quick sneak peek. I'll post the finished pieces and pics from opening night in a couple of weeks.

Hope I'll see you there.

xxx kate


Kelly said...

Ohhhh lady you must be exhausted!
The end is in sight though - well done! Wish I could be there, but i'll be there in spirit ;) Xx

Alex. said...

The chameleon!!!


I love lizards. Especially chameleons. Can you tell? He's so cute!

And oh, framing. I've never worked on a surface that needed framing until now, and I have no idea how long to give myself to get the frames sorted, which probably means I should start NOW.

Happy final two weeks!!


Esz said...

Looking good Kate! I can't wait til opening night :-D

My Charlie Girl said...

I love the little deers in her hair! She has such pretty eyes too. Looking forward to the show !!!

My Charlie Girl said...

PS. Can you email me a copy of your flyer so I can pop it on my blog :) xx

Indie.Tea said...

So adorable!

Simon Food Favourites said...

wow! LOVE THEM! :-)