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Monday, May 18, 2009


Nothing's more inspiring than finding a tumblr full of fashion photos you haven't seen before.

I spent half the evening drooling ones like these at a tumblr called !? (or !! - hard to tell):

Lucious poses, gorgeous fashion and heaps of juicy links.

Check !!/!? out.

xxx kate


Nanda Palinckx said...

thank you,thank you thank you, for sharing this with us. What a great pictures. It gives me a lot of inspiration for my children's art work because some pictures are just like fairy tales.

homemaker Hobbies said...

Beautiful pictures. The first one is one of my favs:)

Stacey D. - fromapackedhouse said...

Those are great!!

Clarissa said...

greatt website! thanks for sharing :)

x Clar