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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bugger bugger damn

So I was casually taking a look at Audrey Kawsaki's new work on her blog this evening.

And Bill politely asked if this:

was where I got the inspiration for the hair in 'Koi' (thanks Pippi for the name):

No I didn't, Goddamn it.

But I can sure see why he asked. Don't you hate it when you come up with something, only to see that it was done a few weeks ago by someone else.

Particularly when that someone else is your favourite artist.


Oh well.

Truth be told, I actually got the inspiration for the hair from this:

As much as I'd like to lay claim to channeling my 'inner Audrey' I was really just drooling over a McDonald's soft serve.

Mmmm, might just scoff another one to drown my disappointment!

xxx kate


Kelly said...

Haha! Damn!
You're still sending it though right?

kate lightfoot said...

Yep, she's still going. It's just annoying!xxxk

marcia furman said...

That has happened to me so many times. No one has said anything to me about it, but I'll be browsing artists and find something very similar to mine. I didn't copy them...and I don't necessarily thing they copied me either! It's just...weird!

Snezana said...

I saw you on Flickr,I really like your work,you are really talented!

homemaker Hobbies said...

I think that everything has been done. You just make it your own:) Very cute by the way.

Lexy. said...

Oh I hate that. I've had it happen before too - almost to the point that I think that I'M the one who's been copied, and then I find that the other picture was actually posted before mine. Maybe just go with the whole "great minds..." thing. It sounds so much better!!

P.S. - I LOVE that her hair was inspired by a soft serve. It's so cool when your inspiration comes from the most surprising places.

Leiah said...

I don't think yours looks too similar to Audrey's! Besides, who can resist a girl with gorgeous flowing hair like that? (love the ice cream, too, btw!)

Cascade Lily said...

I love your inspiration! LOL. Ice cream = hair. Who would've thunk it?

kate lightfoot said...

It helps when you eat a lot of icecream, Lil. Mmmmm. ;)


Sabbio said...

I totally understand you, already happened and this is SO frustrating, especially when the othe one is more known than you :( But I think it should not hinder us in our creative process.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate! Your jobs are amazing! Have any problem if I link your blog on my blog?

bye, bye!

kate lightfoot said...

Hi buhpresas - no problem whatsoever! xxx kate

Anna Lloyd said...

Oh well, I saw your hair first!

Sadly I think most things have been done before, it's your personal twist that's important and interesting.