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Friday, April 10, 2009

Some half baked ideas

Against my better judgement, I thought I'd share what I've been doing lately in my ink classes.

Now I'm warning you, it's all rather rough and loose. None of them are finished pieces. I'm essentially just exploring different techniques and trying new inky things. So don't expect anything great, OK?


In our first lesson we started playing with different techniques and I really love the textures you can create with ink. These could wind up being nice material textures in a finished piece.

And I tried a cartoon turtle at the end of the class, but then didn't have time to let him dry properly. Patience is certainly not my my greatest strength.

And my friend, Annella, gave me this fabulous apple with a leaf still attached. Never got around to eating it though :(

I tried the stoat that I posted a photo of a while ago - but suspect I'd be happier if he was red or blue ;) Naturally-coloured stoats just don't float my boat.

I loved painting this octopus, but then I got a bit too heavy handed with the black in his tentacles. Subtlety is also not one of my greatest strengths - but I'll have to learn as ink is rather unforgiving.

I was happier with the girls I did in my third class. I really like the textures I can get through their hair, but it's a very different look to the pieces I've been producing over the last few years.

And I keep dripping ink in inappropriate places. I had to clean up the green-dress girl up there because there was a blob of blue on her lip that made her look like a domestic violence victim. Which is coincidentally exactly how my 'winking' girl in the striped dress has ended up looking. Hmm, better watch those drips!

Anyway, that's what I've been up to, as well as a few pencil projects that are coming along slowly and my insanely busy day job (I broke my all-time record last week with an 'in a 5:45am, out at 10pm' day - utter killer).

I plan to post something a bit more finished next time. But as always, I think it's fun to see other people's work in the half-finished/learning stages. So if I'm going to expect you to show me yours, I figure I should show you mine!

xxx scarlett


Donnalda Does Art said...

I just got some wonderful black walnut ink from an Etsy seller and I am having so much fun playing with it. Your work is wonderful. I love the stoat. And I think the dark octopus legs are fabulous.

(kate lightfoot)

Thanks - I'm having fun too! It's so nice to be drawing for the fun of it, instead of having to meet a deadline.
xxx scarlett

Audrey said...

Those are amazing!!! The turtle is too cute and the apple looks real! You did a wonderful job.

Stacey D. said...

I love the texture of the hair on the green dress girl.

nuvonova said...

The girl in the stripey dress has come out beautifully!

niftyknits said...

I am soooo jealous, I wish i could draw and paint. But then there's probably lots of folk wish they could knit, so each to their own I guess.

missknits said...

wow these are so fun! you are very talented! and i love the turtle! i cant wait to see more of your work! r

Alex. said...

I adore ink! Except then I start using my fingers instead of a brush and I end up with rather lovely looking stained nails...

I really like how these came out. ESPECIALLY the hair!

Kelly said...

These actually look amazing!
Was that your plan? Get people to have these low expectations at the beginning of the post? ;)
I can't believe its only the 3rd class and your ink girls are already refined enough to resemble your pencils!
I love the hair the most. Perhaps that's something you should keep going with when you finish?

scarlett (kate lightfoot) said...

Ha! No that wasn't my secret plan, Kel. Actually I was quietly terrified when posting them, so I'm so relieved to get some positive feedback. Such a paranoid!

I'm really loving playing with the hair. It's the one place I can let the ink kind of 'do its thing'.

OK, you've inspired me now - off to play ink (and forget about those pencil illustrations I'm supposed to be working on).


xxx scarlett

Sabbio said...

Seems you enjoy it very much and your girls are different but great in this inky mood ^^