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Sunday, January 04, 2009


I'd love to get a tattoo myself, but my taste changes from month to month, so there's no way I could settle on a design I'd be happy with forever.

So I always find it a little bizaare to find that someone likes my work enough to have it tattooed on their left i discovered this weekend:

The tattoo artist also let me know that this pic may be appearing in a Tattoo mag - Tattoos Down Under (Issue 68).

xxx scarlett


Nicole said...

I understand... this is why I thought about mine for a year and a half. Also when people ask me to design one I turn them down.

What a great compliment though!

Diane said...

I feel the same way about tattoos! But that looks amazing!

Kelly said...


marcia furman said...

That's great!

My Charlie Girl said...

WOW! ill have to show miss maggie!

7seventeengallery said...

Wow, what flattery! :)