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Saturday, January 10, 2009


I'm in the middle of painting artwork for a couple of Sketchels.

If you haven't seen these art bags before, they're terrific (in fact I couldn't resist buying one myself during last year's Curvy exhibition).

Just imagine an enormous sturdy bag that can carry just about anything, decorated with original art. In fact, don't imagine - here's what they look like:

So the canvas panel slips under the plastic and hey presto you have an original art bag.

Mine are still in progress, but they're coming along nicely.

I always find it quite freaky to see my girls without the black pupil (below). For me, there's absolutely no life in them until that part is complete.

They also look so washed out at the moment. To be honest, I'm a tad embarrassed to be showing them at this stage (*winces*). But by the same token I find it incredibly useful and interesting to see how other artists start their work, so I may as well contribute too!

I'll post updates, or the finished pieces, soon.

These will be on show and for sale at:

696 vs Sketchel
7 February
696 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

Come along if you're in Melbourne - there should be some fantastic pieces on display.

xxx scarlett


Sabbio said...

This is great, I'm sure yours are agoing to sell quickly :D

And for the WIP, this is highly interesting and I just fell the same, wouldn't dare to show my work in an early stage ^^' (and I too do not like my girls without pupils)

Have a nice week-end :D

Trin said...

Fantastic! What a great project to work on. And the girls ARE creepy without pupils... still cute... but.. kinda creepy. :)