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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ahhhh, Bruny Island

Bruny Island is about as south as you can get without hitting Antartica - right at the bottom of Tasmania (hi Kelly!) - and it's gorgeous.

My (sort of, but not quite) parents-in-law have a holiday house there and Bill and I spent a wonderful five days beachcombing, walking, drawing and reading.

Here's what I drew (all for Sugar & Spice - once they're coloured properly):

'Bluebird' (inspired by events detailed below!)


'Cherry Bomb'

And here's what we saw:

Amazing caves on the adventure cruise. There were seals a bit further on, too.

Impromptu rock 'sculptures' on the walk to Grassy Point. These are just done by passers-by. It's impossible to walk past them and not add your own little pile of rocks, so the beach is now covered in them. It's such a lovely surprise on your bush walk!

Someone obviously decided a rock pile wasn't creative enough - it made me laugh!

My custom Keds held up quite well over a couple of kms.

I found all sorts of treasures during the walk. I'm trying to build up a collection of reference photos to use in my illustrations.

A silver-eye flew into the window and ended up a little dazed before flying off. So we got a few pics of the sweet little thing sitting on my hand. Too cute!

So we had a great (and productive) trip.

I'm now melting in Melbourne's hideous 40 degree heatwave and wishing I was back on Bruny!

xxx scarlett


Kelly said...

Haha HI!
Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
I bet you're missing the sea breeze about now!
That bird is toooooo cute x

Allison said...

For some reason those rock piles appeal to me! I could be entranced by doing that all day. :]

That bird photo is great! Glad that he was okay in the end.

Sabbio said...

Such a wonderful and inspiring trip! ^^
And yes I've heard about the horrible heat you have down there :(

Cassandra said...

Oh my gosh, that bird photo just made my heart melt.<3

My Charlie Girl said...

Oh my god scarlett, that first drawing is absolutely heavenly divine !! Oh i want her! xxx Your holiday looks so nice, hope you had a lovely time :) xxx

marcia furman said...

Amazing pictures from your trip! AH! I love the rock sculptures!

Pippi Langstrumpf said...

I love Bruny Island and am extra keen to do that cruise sometime soon too. Great photos and wonderful drawings!


homemaker Hobbies said...

Love the drawings!! It looks so beautiful there.

Lexy. said...

Love these new ones!

And I love Tassie too! I'm heading down again in May. Looks like I'll have to head to Bruny Island.

And I adore your little bird story. We have little honeyeaters that do the same thing at our bedroom window. Silly silly!

meet me at mikes - crafty! said...

Oh Bruny Island! Yep. We had a shack at Tinderbox - just across the water from Bruny Island, when we were little. We used to take the boat over and have picnics on the beach at Bruny! It's so beautiful there, isn't it? And remote too! Aww... you're making me homesick now!
Nice Keds! Nice Bird! Nice Rocks! Nice Work!

Cascade Lily said...

How come nobody told me about the rock piles before??????? So glad you had a wonderful time.

And congrats on your Bubble win :)