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Monday, December 15, 2008

Deer Blog Readers,

Here's some more free gift wrap to download and use. A deer pattern this time.

Now, I think I should get bonus points for having created him in PowerPoint. Nope, none of your fancy Photoshop or In Design for this little black duck - though only because I can't afford it and wouldn't know which buttons to press.

Have fun. I did.

xxx scarlett


Honor Bowden said...

That's some serious Powerpoint skills! lol

Kelly said...

Ohhhh I LOVE this!! Too bad i've wrapped all my presents already. But this baby is getting saved for next christmas!

Trin said...

Big ups to yer powerpoint skillz! It's so cute! I need to hook up the scanner, stat.

Karen said...

he's super cute, looks like he's bounding along!

Cascade Lily said...

Oh deer! He is too cute. The swing tags you made for us were fantastic. They're going on our tree next year.

Oh yeah, and all bow down to your PPT skills!!