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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where, oh where did my sensible go?

Spring Valley has been complaining about people neglecting their 'sensible':

Mine's so neglected it must be in a semi-comatose state.

Tomorrow I have to set up my first selected group show:

As I've mentioned before I've never done this before and have no idea what to expect. I've also illustrated about 8 of my pieces in the last two weeks, so it's been hectic. But instead of having a relaxing day, pottering around and making sure everything's ready to go tomorrow, I agreed to walk 10km as part of the Melbourne Marathon with my best friend.

I know 10km doesn't seem like a big deal, but let me paint the picture for you.

I'm about 30kg overweight, my idea of exercise is walking from the couch to the fridge and, no, I didn't do any preparation for this feat of endurance. Nor did I wear in my new sneakers before stepping across the start line. (Sensible? Are you listening?)

I also have no idea of distance so I figured I'd jog through the MCG for the final '400m' - hang about - what do you mean that's a jog around half the footy ground?

Everything hurts. I may need a new hip.

And tomorrow I'll be lugging 11 new illustrations in their heavy, heavy frames across the city and (I imagine) hopping up and down a ladder to install them.

Did I mention everything hurts.

Where, oh where did my sensible go?

Never again.

xxx scarlett


Anonymous said...

Poor you! It's quite tragic when our sensible deserts us...mine's been known to go walkabout on occasion too ;)

Congrats on your show...your work is wonderful >^.^<

Cate Holst said...

How funny... I love that ad. Yes, that is a massive walk. Good on you! (Thanks for prompting me that I have to get out more often)

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Ouch! DOn't ya know you have to work up to that. I remember juging to the end of the street to prepare for the army. I felt like I was going to die! three years in the army ( they jog 4 miles everyday!) I was in much better shape, now 10 years later.. Im'm a sloth again. lol Hurray for Civilian life! Love your drawings BTW wonderful!

Anna Laura said...

that whole sensible thing freaks me out.

Nicole said...

I think the add is super cute!

Congrats on the 10km walk! Next you'll be doing the 10,000 stairs in the Ranges.

Just completed my final piece just then and am really excited about hanging a show with girls for a change.

see you tomorrow!

Nicole said...

P.S I'm driving in and parking at QV. you want a lift? Call me if you need it.

Amber Rose said...

Dang! That's rough :( Hope you feel better soon! I still can't get over how beautiful your work is!

industrialpoppy said...

Quite a funny post. Still chuckling actually.

Mayhem said...

Love the Ad...I think my sensible has no seldom wanders off. hrmm

missknits said...

awwww ! but good for you for doing it!! and good luck tomorrow at your show!

Honor Bowden said...

Good on you for participating! Your works look great - hope you sell them all for your "I need a new hip fund". :-)

Kelly said...

Awww our sensibles are actually quite cute.

Haha you definitely should have drunk a little more juice before agreeing to walk a marathon. Yikes. Don't envy you even the tiniest bit ;)

Can't wait to see pics of all our work at the show. Have a good night xxx