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Monday, October 06, 2008

Butterflies, tea pots and rabbits

I'm starting to get butterflies about the upcoming show - Across the Universe and Back Again. There's another big piece I'd like to finish for it (OK that's a lie - I'd actually like to start it!), and I'm running out of time.

We've been told we'll have around 3m x 3m each which seems like a whole lot of room and I'd rather have too many pieces and not show them all, than not have enough.

I polished off two more pieces this evening, so I'm definitely getting somewhere.

I started the tea pot this afternoon. As much as I love my recycled cardboard, I've been on the look-out for something richer and thicker. I found this fabulously warm coloured board from my local art store last weekend.

The second piece has been sitting on my desk for a while needing a little extra. With some help from Bridget at work, I figured out that her dress needed brightening up.

So it's now five down, two or three to go.

This will be the first time I've helped actually install a show. I'm looking forward to it, but can't help wondering if I'm underprepared. Guess I'll find out on Monday.

Once again, opening night is next Wednesday (15th). And of course, you're all invited. :)

xxx scarlett


Nicole Tattersall said...

Just be prepared to have fun, drink coffee and have everything ready to go straight onto the wall.

I always bring along a little bag with some scissors, pens and anything else I may require, just incase.

Can't wait to see you there!


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so sad I can't come to your show in Melbourne! :(
Please come to Sydney!!

Cascade Lily said...

Good luck for the show! How exciting. I wish we were closer so I could come and see it :)

Kelly said...

Argh, YOU have butterflies!!!
I've only managed to get two new pieces done!
I'm going to have to put in older ones....I have to get mine posted off to Bec by tomorrow!
That 3m2 is so intimidating to work is so small...
So stressed right now....haha

On a lighter note...I love these new pieces. You're incorporating a lot of details!