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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blast off!

Tonight was opening night for Across the Universe and Back Again - and I'm glad to say I had a blast (there's a groanworthy pun if I've ever seen one).

The show's still on until 21 October, so if you're in Melbourne, pop in and take a peek:

No Vacancy Gallery
27-33 Red Cape Lane (in the QV Building near Max Brenner Chocolates - mmmm)

And if you can't get there, here are the pics.

Before people arrived:

After people arrived (that's better):

My wall:

Me and Bec Winnel in front of her girls (my pics are a little blurry - much better to check them out on her blog):

Bill checking out Bec's work:

Bec and I in front of my work:

I got some 'red dot' love:

Nicole Tattersall's wall:

Nicole Tattersall's Deer Me

Nicole Tattersall's chair:

Honor Bowden's wall:

Kelly Smith's wall:

Some of Nickas' pieces:

The Lisa King corner:

Lisa and Bec hiding behind a menu:

It was a fun night and a really fantastic experience. I can't wait to do it again!

xxx scarlett


Anna Laura said...

It was a great night and look at all those red dots, that is fantastic. The smace looked really great as well.

Crysto said...

what a lot of stunning works!!!
And I loveee your blog's banner! Wish I had a good excuse to buy an aceo, maybe I'll invent an excuse. hmmm

Honor Bowden said...

Thanks for posting these pics so fast! Congrats on your work - it looked great. x